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An Oasis Of Serenity

An Oasis Of Serenity

♡ ~ i suggest we get monumentally fucked up ~ ♡

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realizing you’re nobody’s best friend or favourite person is actually so sad

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"i just want to feel okay in the god damn skin i live in"

- (fixactive)

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"I thought I would be okay. I kept telling myself: “Work harder. Go home and get to bed early. Don’t tell others you’re unhappy.” I don’t know how to get through these long nights. I can’t sleep. I don’t want to hate myself."

- Days Of Being Wild (1990)

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Counterparts - The Disconnect

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"Some days I don’t give a fuck about you. I don’t care about you. But other days, it hurts just as much as it did the day you left."

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click here to enter into a teenage boys mind

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